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We can help you build cloud based solution from design to implementation stage.

3D Visualization & Entertainment Software

We have many years of experience in interactive and immersive 3D visualization applications.
They can be used for product presentations, architectural walk-throughs, brand building, marketing, entertainment, games and more.
We build:

  • WebGL browser apps that are fully portable (mobile,desktop)
  • VR / AR presentations and viewers
  • Games for all major platforms: PCs, mobiles and browser based games
  • Architectural 3D CAD software and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
  • Educational software

Web applications

We can help you build cloud based solution from design to implementation stage. One example is MonitorWiz – web monitoring and scraping tool. It includes back-end server side automation and front-end user control panel.

Front-end technologies are used depending on the client’s needs and website integration: React, Next.js, Angular, Typescript.

For busy websites we recommend microservices architecture with Node.js.
Python and Django framework are our preferred tools for writing complex server side code that needs to be highly scalable.
We also use PHP and Laravel framework for many back-end jobs that require database access (MySQL, PostgreSQL).


Products / Showcase



MonitorWiz is an application for tracking web page changes. The main focus and strength of MonitorWiz is accurate web page change detection.

You can pinpoint specific page areas to monitor, big or small, and MonitorWiz will make sure no change goes undetected.

Technologies used:
MonitorWiz is a web scraping tool. Highly efficient server side scanning code was written in Python and Django framework.
Back-end PHP and Laravel code connects to MySql database. Data is eventually displayed by front-end that uses TypeScript and React library.

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Flying Dudes VR Simulator

Flying Dudes VR Simulator

Feel like a die-hard racer in the air.
Shoot, crash and become a champion, all fun, no casualties.
Join the flying mayhem in Virtual Reality!

Technologies used:
Arcade flying simulator was built to run on a VR simulator and is compatible with main VR headsets (Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus). Development was done using C++, C# and Unity engine.

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For architecture and 3D visualization
GroundWiz is a CAD plug-in for 3dsMax used for architectural renderings and 3D visualization. It allows creation of nature scenes with ease and precision.

*GroundWiz RTS (Real-Time Shaders):
A set of procedural shaders for rendering nature in real-time applications. This technology is also used in Altitude0 game.

Technologies used:
This tool was written in C++ native code. Code is multithreaded to allow for 100% parallel execution. Procedural shaders allow for realistic nature rendering.

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Wing Breakers Game

Wing Breakers Game

Wing Breakers is battle air racing video game with crazy cows.
Survive chaotic air fights full of missile loaded planes, threatening drones and angry animals.

Beat them all and become a hero of Wing Breakers!

Technologies used:
Native C++ code, Unity and Unreal engines were used during development. Multiplayer server code is deployed on Ubuntu servers that can use Kubernetes autoscaling depending on the load.

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